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Feel free to send feedback for improvement anytime as well! In Texas, Algebra 1 does not include piecewise functions or absolute value functions. I believe we cover those things in Algebra 2. The only difference is that I tend to spend a little more time on each concept to help solidify. Dane, your site is absolutely terrific.

Dynamically Created Algebra 1 Worksheets

Thank you for your willingness to share. My colleague is teaching Algebra 2 next year and is interested in this style of teaching. Do you have any recommendations for places to look for Algebra 2 activities that incorporate the same style as you? For Algebra 2, New Visions has great content and a lot of curriculum already built out.

Hello, Thank you for this great resource. I noticed your answer key folder is empty except for day Is there a place I can find them? It may be a glitch. I just checked, and all the answer keys are showing up now. Out of curiosity, I noticed there is a large jump from the day 10 quiz to day 23 quiz. Is there any particular reason why the some of the content in between those days is not assessed?

Thanks for the question and kind words! For the un-quizzed concepts between day 11 and 17, I decided that they were important, but not crucial enough to be included in the top 20ish concepts for Algebra 1. Solving One-Variable Inequalities was the toughest one to keep out. When I was grading, the solving equations portion of it ended up being the main focus. Therefore, I kept solving equations as a quizzed concept, but just decided to only spend a decent chunk of days teaching inequalities without formally assessing it. What you do with your concepts and instructional strategies are fantastic.

I love the pacing and the outline of all the activities that you do.

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Last year my geometry PLC and I followed your timelines and addressed the same topics that you have listed. We pretty much followed it full-blown, with our twist on certain thing of course, and I must say it was a fantastic year. The kids learned so much…. We want to do the same thing this coming school year with Algebra. Couple questions…. Do you have other math teachers at your school that teach the same classes? Are you on a PLC? If so, do they do things the same way as you? Do you have to convince other teachers to do it the way you are? We will have 7 different teachers teaching Algebra 1 next year and we are all supposed to use the same timelines, same assessments, same essential standards, etc.

You can imagine this is difficult…. Do you feel like how you have algebra 1 right now is pretty solid? With the concepts and the pacing? Also, do I noticed at the end of the year in Geometry you had probability lessons but no links.

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Keep up the great work! You inspire me.

Dynamically Created Algebra 1 Worksheets

I just sent you an email to answer your questions. Let me know if you received it.

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Looking forward to continuing the conversation. I teach Algebra 1 and am excited to use this new idea in the fall.

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I am curious what your recent reply was to Jake concerning your feeling on how solid you felt the Algebra concepts and pacing were from last year. Also, would there be any changes you would implement moving forward retakes, faux quizzes, student analysis, etc? Feel free to ask questions any time.

As for the Algebra 1 curriculum, I feel very confident about the pacing and sequencing of the curriculum. I do want kids to know that I want all of them to retake so they can witness their own growth. As for any retake after the 1st, those will definitely require an analysis handout and tutoring before offering the retake opportunity.

The 2nd retake or higher is where students tend to try to work the system and do hail mary retakes. Also, always go with your gut when you see things you would do differently in the curriculum. Algebra foundations. Overview and history of algebra : Algebra foundations Introduction to variables : Algebra foundations Substitution and evaluating expressions : Algebra foundations. Combining like terms : Algebra foundations Introduction to equivalent expressions : Algebra foundations Division by zero : Algebra foundations.

Working with units. Rate conversion : Working with units Appropriate units : Working with units Word problems with multiple units : Working with units. Forms of linear equations. Intro to slope-intercept form : Forms of linear equations Graphing slope-intercept equations : Forms of linear equations Writing slope-intercept equations : Forms of linear equations. Point-slope form : Forms of linear equations Standard form : Forms of linear equations Summary: Forms of two-variable linear equations : Forms of linear equations.

Systems of equations. Introduction to systems of equations : Systems of equations Solving systems of equations with substitution : Systems of equations Equivalent systems of equations and the elimination method : Systems of equations.

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Number of solutions to systems of equations : Systems of equations Systems of equations word problems : Systems of equations. Evaluating functions : Functions Inputs and outputs of a function : Functions Functions and equations : Functions Interpreting function notation : Functions Introduction to the domain and range of a function : Functions Determining the domain of a function : Functions.

Recognizing functions : Functions Maximum and minimum points : Functions Intervals where a function is positive, negative, increasing, or decreasing : Functions Interpreting features of graphs : Functions Average rate of change : Functions Average rate of change word problems : Functions Intro to inverse functions : Functions.

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