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About this product Product Information Until the launch of this series nearly twenty years ago, the 15, volumes of the ancient Greek commentators on Aristotle, written mainly between and AD, constituted the largest corpus of extant Greek philosophical writings not translated into English or other European languages. Over 40 volumes have now appeared in the series, which is planned in some 80 volumes altogether. Proclus' commentary on Plato's "Cratylus" is the only ancient commentary on this work to have come down to us, and is illuminating in two special ways. The majority of the material is supplied by the Athenian-based Proclus c.

This material we have consists of excerpts from Proclus' commentary edited by another figure who appears to be a Platonist working somewhat later in Alexandria. Consequently it contains insights into the philosophy of both of the principal late antique centres of Platonism, Athens and Alexandria. Secondly, the material is divided between the grittier issues of language-theory, on which it engages freely with other ancient philosophies, and theological discussion mostly involved with the etymologies of the names of Greek gods, in which Proclus is more concerned to relate his own brand of Platonism to the 'Orphic' and 'Chaldaean' theological systems, and also to Homer.

Brian Duvick's extensive notes bring out all these facets of the ancient text. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Show More Show Less. New New. No ratings or reviews yet. This book offers new insights into their way of doing philosophy in their own right. Books Digital Products Journals. About the Book The study of the ancient commentators has developed considerably over the past few decades, fueled by recent translations of their often daunting writings.

The book makes accessible five centuries of philosophical thinking, identifies with crystal clarity the philosophical problems that concerned the commentators, and discusses them with historical accuracy and philosophical sophistication. Literary Criticism: Lorenzo Valla.

Posted on: 08 September New England Patriot: Lemuel Haynes. Posted on: 01 September Republic of Letters: Italian Humanism. Posted on: 28 July Young, Gifted, and Black: Phillis Wheatley. Posted on: 21 July Posted on: 14 July Posted on: 07 July Thanks to Yashi Jiang for preparing this version of the first episode on philosophy in the Islamic world with Chinese translation! He will be translating further episodes and putting them on YouTube.

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