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He also requested to join him, but the EM generator on M7G is malfunctioning, and has to fix it to prevent the planet from being attacked by the Wraith.

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Sheppard then goes to the Gate Room , where the Stargate is dialing. He is then joined by Ronon, who says he's coming with him to Earth. Sheppard and Ronon arrive in a big house to attend Patrick's wake. There, Ronon realizes that there are a lot of people attending and Sheppard explains that his father was well-connected. Sheppard meets his brother, Dave Sheppard , who has now taken over their father's company. Dave and Sheppard agree that they should soon talk.

Afterwards, Sheppard enters a room, where he sees his father's coffin. Ronon picks up a plate and collects a lot of food from the tables. When he meets up with Sheppard again. He explains that the house was one of many houses he grew up in, and that his father pretty much arranged Sheppard's life for him since he was fourteen, but they never talked again after Sheppard's decision to join the United States Air Force.

They are then met by Nancy Sheppard , Sheppard's ex-wife, who works at Homeland Security , and was recently promoted to director. Without realizing, the same woman looking for them is also attending the wake. When Ronon and Sheppard enter the bar, they are met by the woman who identifies herself as Ava Dixon. She says she knows about the events of McKay and Miller's kidnapping. At first, Sheppard attempts to tell her that he doesn't know what she's talking about, but tells her what she wants when she clearly knows too much.

They need to talk, but not in the house.

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When they take her to the car, Dave stops them, and accuses Sheppard of challenging their father's will. When Sheppard explains he has nothing to worry about, Dave tells him that his father regretted his son's decision to break the contact with him to join the Air Force ever since, and wanted a chance for things not to end badly between them.

Ronon, Sheppard, and Ava then leave. At night, Ava explains to the men that Stanton Research , a division of Devlin Medical Technologies has worked with nanites. She was recruited by Dr. Richard Poole , Stanton's head scientist, and witnessed a major breakthrough she didn't expect seeing in her lifetime, on an alleged government funded research called Project Archetype. However, she soon learned that the research was not sanctioned. They were able to make a person out of nanites , a Human-form Replicator , even though replication isn't one of its programs.

"Now The Sons Of Eli Were Worthless Men"

Three weeks ago, the International Oversight Advisory tracked them down, and attempted to stop them. Poole was planning to destroy the research and shut down the Replicator, but when it realized what Poole was up to, he attacked him, and killed two guards to escape. The Replicator is now loose on Earth, and she needs their help in tracking and stopping it.

Sheppard interrogates Poole in the Apollo. Ronon and Sheppard storm the lab and arrest Poole, who is also trying to find the Replicator.

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They then beam him to the Apollo , where they interrogate him. He has heavily encrypted his files, which would take a long time in cracking, and only he needs the code. He refuses to co-operate, even after Sheppard agrees on a deal with him. Ava agrees to help Sheppard track the Replicator, against Poole's wishes. Next they see Dr. Bill Lee , who was interrupted from his first vacation in three years. Ava realizes that the technology in the ship is alien. There, they track the Replicators' signature to an old abandoned warehouse, where it's hiding because social interaction is not included in its programming, and it will kill if it's scared again.

Sheppard talks with Poole again to track him down. At first, he doesn't co-operate, since he knows there will be no trial for him regardless. However, he changes his mind, when Sheppard threatens to lock up Ava. At the warehouse, Poole tells everyone that the Replicator is immune to Anti-Replicator guns , and if they have to take it down, enough firepower and bullets would do it, since it has a limited ability to self-repair.

They then split up in teams to search the Replicator.

Poole is with Bates. They see the Replicator, but after Bates informs Sheppard, Poole knocks him out and enters the warehouse alone. The Replicator comes out of hiding, where he tells it that it has to shut itself down like it has done several times, and assures him that he will re-activate him. However, the Replicator does not believe him, and kills him. Sheppard and Ronon finds Bates, and then finds Poole, dead.

The teams hunts Poole's Replicator. As they exit the warehouse, they hear weapons fire and track it. There they find the Replicator, and try to kill it, but even with several armed men and machine guns, they only caused minor damage.

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Eventually the Replicator escapes by jumping into a lake, and the team loses it. Now it has disappeared and they can't find it The team returns to the Apollo , and give Ava the news, since her parents died very young and Poole was like a father to her. They then wonder why Poole went by himself. They think that Poole has a buyer, most likely from the military. Meanwhile, Sheppard goes to Washington D. He wants her to find out anything she can on Project Archetype. Two events drive the jokes and plot this week. These two stories work in tandem to show how the Gemstones family dynamic is one of competition and one-upmanship, as encouraged by the family patriarch.

While Jesse tries to cover up his misdeeds, Judy tries to get noticed. Neither attempt will probably work out how they hope. Jesse celebrates, proud of his moment of bravado, and arranges for a symbolic ceremony to declare the end of this nonsense.

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They literally show up on his doorstep in the final moments of the episode. Skyler Gisondo is doing good work as Gideon, portraying a young man increasingly torn between rebelling against his family and embracing them for who they are, and any shouting match between Jesse and Scotty is worth a few laughs, but the whole thing is just missing something. It also feels a little too predictable, too by the numbers. The planned heist, the eventual acceptance of Gideon back into the family, and the moment that should be coming soon, where Gideon must choose between Scotty and the Gemstones.

That feud is tremendously intriguing because it carries so much history. Walton Goggins and John Goodman are able to do so much with so little. Read the full story. Read More About: Cinemax Outcast. Powered by WordPress. Close the menu.

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